Hello! My name is Robert Trent, and I am the tutor behind Essential Tutor. My goal is to help students acquire the knowledge necessary to gain entrance into professional healthcare institutions and to perform well when they get there. In addition to this, helping others learn allows me to grow as a teacher and as a life-long student myself. I earnestly believe knowledge is power, and I have been a private tutor in Lubbock, Texas, as well as in the online environment, for greater than five years. Feel free to read on for more information about me!

I hold a Bachelor of General Studies, B.G.S. degree with concentrations of Biology, Chemistry and Healthcare Professions from Texas Tech University (TTU). I have worked as a laboratory coordinator for a cytogenetics lab at the TTUHSC, and as an undergraduate, I gained valuable research experience in a biochemistry lab at TTU.

I enjoy reading books to expand upon my current knowledge, and these books typically fall within the non-fiction science genre. Just to name a few, working out, although far less enjoyable than reading the types of books just mentioned, playing RPG video games and spending time with my significant other are hobbies of mine. Feel free to ask any questions about me by visiting my Contact page and filling out the associated form.