How do we classify primary protein structures? (Video)

From this video you should be able to identify primary protein structures. Which can be quite confusing at times, as it is an arbitrary and subjective man made classification system.

While we cannot predict the final 3D structure from the primary structure it is worth pointing out that we can model this phenomenon in a manner similar to weather forecasting ie with alot of homology, probability, and chaos. It is certainly worth pointing out that primary sequence is one of the most dominant variables that determines the finalized 3D form, but not the only one.

Students of complexity science and systems biology would want to take note:

When we have a unidirectional asymmetry in biology such as with protein N–C termini. The unidirectionality itself conveys information (asymmetry). As demonstrated by the two peptide chains having the same amino acid sequence but a different directionality, and therefore, different chemical properties. .

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